Heart Sharing

From Brave Eagle – Dec. 22, 2014:
Happy Native New Year, as we begin our new season I share with you some medicine wheel teachings. We have entered the season of Buffalo, which runs from December 22nd to March 20th.

White Buffalo, spirit keeper of the North, mineral of alabaster, plant medicine that of sweet grass, color of white, season winter, time is midnight, time of life is that of the elders with snow upon our heads and that of the newborns traveling straight from the heart of Creator. Buffalo season covers Earth Renewal Moon (December 22 to January 19th), Snow Goose Moon (January 20th to February 18th) and Rest and Cleansing Moon (February 19th to March 20).

Buffalo season is the time of resting of dormancy when growth is transpiring even though we may not see it. It is the time of slowing down. The time of darkness, quiet and dreams. At this time two leggeds are fragile and reminiscent and the desire to share ones wisdom is heightened. It is the time of assessing ones accomplishments, a time of death and rebirth, a time of understanding ones own life and see what has been achieved and what has not yet been achieved. It is the time to start the year off with peace, of loving power, of forgiveness, compassion and for new ways of being into new patterns of evolution.

We are in the emerging time of endings and beginnings. It is time to give away the knowledge of our experiences. Elders give their wisdom and newborns give their unconditional love. The time for those individuals in the middle are, energies of intuitive growth and understanding, of psychic abilities and of dreams and visions.

I share with you to grow your desire to contemplate your life, grow your patience, accept your psychic and mystical abilities for at this time they are heightened above the average. Be grounded with focus and take exceptional care of your temple. Now is the time for healing of self and of others.

Be blessed during the time of our ancestors and those that have yet to be born or are just born, for they are all around us doing their job to energetically guide and influence us towards a future that is bright and filled with ever growing amount of love.

Happy Buffalo season my beautiful love filled and light beloveds.


From Brave Eagle – 2007:
It is 5:30 pm Saturday after work and I sit here with life on the brain. I want you all to know that I love you very much and I want what is best for you first and foremost and then what is best for the world. I hear from Spirit what is shared about my profound work these days and I am very humbled by Spirit and blessed to be able to share in my joy of my work. Great Spirit has blessed me with a vision and in that vision I have seen tremendous change in people and in the world. I have seen some of us working side by side doing even more miraculous work than we just begun to experience doing on our own. I know this time is difficult and most challenging but I also need to let all of you know in this time of the winds of change, what this time brings is a test of where our shadow lies, of where we are most vulnerable, of where temptations lie and mind you temptation is not temptation without seduction.

Those of us who are shamans, I have deep respect for you all and your work. At the same time, I have to share with you what I have been shown and what our ancestors have whispered to my being. There are those that are part of our light, and together is where our light shines bright the most. We have a huge responsibility in our world and I know this is overwhelming but we need to do it differently, not like most people Creator has asked this job of. We need to do it with great reverence, do it with great love, do it with great respect, and do it with great honor… but do it like no other.

Most would leave behind those that they love to help heal the world, but remember those that we love are part of our world and should be placed right there next to us. We need to show the world and all those that will witness just how to do it the right and most loving way. We need to fight for what is ours even if it is changing, but the change can be gone through and embraced and allowed to grow in a positive light not a shadow of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. Our fears will be tested my friends and that is what is happening at this very moment. Do you not believe and trust and have faith in our Creator? Do you really believe that Creator would want us to go about our work without the love and support of the one or ones that are closest to us? I do not feel that in my heart.

Feel it out people and fight for what was once very light and is still; even in this dark night and can still be very light in our future. I have a job first of course to myself for who I am and then as a teacher of Spirit and even if I am changing, the changing will be for the better. I am one who will lead by example for all those that will come after and the many that will follow after that. Fight my friends, fight for what can be different and great and a blessing for us all. All of us supporting one another will be healing the world and teaching and guiding many others to do even more great and tremendous job than you or I can hold on this earthly plane. We will work all together my great allies, have faith and hold tight, but I am right …………… We must fight.

I love you all like no other type of love, please do not be tempted by the shadow that whispers… you might not, you are tired of, you don’t know.

Chose to be strong, chose to move through this challenge, chose to embrace it, chose to WALK IN LIGHT, chose to FIGHT.

There is so much more in my heart that I wish to share with you all but Spirit halts me to wait, wait for what I ask, wait for them……. for there is so much more to tell that they are sharing with me. So until I can share some more with you, I bid you all goodnight.

I love you all very much,