Blossoming Path provides an unusual and unique experience of fellowship and guidance on your spiritual path. The shop provides a wide selection of crystal skulls, crystals, minerals and stones from around the world, jewelry, candles, tools and more along with personal sharing, insight, workshops, and other holistic services.

We invite you to visit us at:

10227 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Fair Oaks Village, CA
or call us at: (916) 962-1469

Tuesday Thru Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed


Our Website welcomes you to learn more about each one of us, the workshops and the products and services we provide.

Who We Are


BraveEagle provides perceptive insight in person or by phone by appointment only. She’s a teacher, spiritual consultant, practitioner of light acting with honor, integrity and truth to support growth without judgment. She is a shamanic curandera and follows an indigenous path. Her mission is to be a resource center for learning, healing and empowerment to all who seek it. She is the caretaker of the life size citrine crystal skull HOPE. Her personal HOPE is to enlighten and illuminate those who cross her path to the place where one gazes upon their own journey as living a life loving so one can ultimately love living life.


Shop Angels

Blossoming Paths lightworkers are all here to be of service. They are each on their own path and are willing to share their personal knowledge through their experiences in life with those who ask for assistance. With their truth, light and personal intention they are an invaluable asset to the shop and to all those that they interact with. Feel free to visit them in the shop and experience loving help with a welcoming feeling of light from each of them.

* Matthius G.
* Mattisen
* Sees Thunder
* Willow

Our shop angels assist customers and clients with unruffling and or helpful guidance with crystals and minerals.