About Us

For those who have been inquiring, here is a little introduction about Blossoming Path, my daughter of other lives and myself. . . .

Blossoming Path is an aquarian aged metaphysical shop that has been located in Old Town Fair Oaks, a small quaint little village, located at 10227 Fair Oaks Blvd. Fair Oaks, California, since 1988. We specialize in collector crystals and healing services of many avenues. We honor our love to help and if we are unable to assist you, we have wonderful reputable resources in which to guide you towards.

Our shop is a family run small business. The practitioners are myself, BraveEagle Soaring, along with my daughter of other lives, Taylor Johnson. Our volunteers are Sees Thunder, Mattisen, Willow and Matthius, all gifted in insight and blessed in magic. Together we all offer support and camaraderie to each other and our customers as we manage and share Blossoming Path with, our families, our tribe and our community, as well as many all over the world.

BraveEagle Soaring

Picture of BraveEagle on a mountaintop wearing a cowboy hat and holding a staff

I am BraveEagle Soaring and I am a Shamanic Curandera, a Healer and Wayshower, I am an Intuitive Insight Sharer, Energy Clearing Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, Soul Retrieval Guide, Reiki Master Teacher, Union Officiant, and Essential Oil Therapist. I strive to help people to activate and own their divine potential to heal, grow and evolve, with an emphasis on spiritual awareness and awakening. As an intuitive, I combine the use of Crystals, Cards, Clair-vision and Spirit Channeling to tap into information connected to your life’s experiences. In personal therapies, I use Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval techniques, guiding you to open and seek wholeness with a determination and desire for change. As a healer I use Shamanic practices with Divine Light Energy techniques and essential oils (doTERRA) to assist your body in what many consider a wonder of healings. Being strongly connected to Mother Earth, some consider me an expert in crystals and minerals, their benefits and their uses, for this reason I utilize them in many of my services. As a wayshower on a path of healing I do my best to be spirit led, combining my native practices along with my intuitive and clairvoyant abilities to perceptively, with clear insight, offer guidance without judgment or prejudice to all my clients, students and patrons.

Taylor Johnson, my daughter of other lives and our resident magical goddess, has joined our community of lightworkers. She is an intuitively gifted insight sharer, a stone thrower, a practitioner of light magic and a journeyer of enlightenment. Her desire to give in return the blessing she has experienced drives her towards insightful sharing with and for others and their optimal healing and growth. She utilizes her strong insight, along with her energetic senses to assist an individual in the evolving of their being, sharing her wisdom through the knowledge of her personal experiences, she is able to guide customers and clients to levels of enlightened awareness.

We are strong believers in the use of Mother Earths magical crystals and minerals and we incorporate the use and radiance of them in our practice and with many services.

Individually and as a team, our desire is to inspire, enlighten and illuminate personal healing on all levels. We each combine our specialties along with our light and love to assist all those who seek our services. Together we offer our wisdom, experience and guidance to best serve you on your path of evolution, growth and healing.

Our services of specialties are:
Intuitive Insights
Shamanic Essential Therapy
Totem Illumination
Past Life Regression
Soul Light Retrieval
Crystal and Light Therapy
Life Enlighten Time
Tension Relief Treatment
Shamanic Clearings (Personal, Home and/or business)
Life Size Crystal Skull Sittings
Meditative Healing Journeys

We also offer workshops, classes, retreats, native teachings, practical application therapy, wedding services and birth blessings. Many services are available via Zoom and Facetime.

If you’re local please come by and visit, if you’re interested in any of our services please give us a call at 916-962-1469.

With much love and appreciation,

BraveEagle Soaring