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“Animal Ally Discoveries” with Brave Eagle

Coming soon in August 2024!

Come sit upon Mother Earth and allow yourself to discover your 9 animals that are and have been your totem allies since your existence. These allies are shared in nature with Brave Eagle as your guide. She will also share with you some sacred path medicine for the remainder of the year.

After your time of discovery we will schedule another session for you to meet with BraveEagle to discuss your animal allies & your sacred journey reading.
Cost: $133
Pre-registration is required.  To register or inquire, call Blossoming Path at (916) 962-1469 or come into the shop.

Local Vendors

Raven’s Blue Magic Sprays

Raven’s Blue Magic was created out of a need to provide quality essential oil sprays for friends and fellowship community. Raven’s Blue Magic sprays have the ability, through the healing of aromatherapy, to create relaxing environments, release tension, and transform stress into focus and clarity. Raven’s Blue Magic Mission is to create quality essential oil sprays with love and passion for life.